NOTE: If you wish to have a bike a different color or have a different logo / decal on gas tank, just ask. No problem. Each bike is hand built to order. If you would like your company name or any custom logo on a tank please inquire.

1911 Harley Racer Replica

1911 Harley Motorcycle Replica $4500

1911 Harley Racer Replica
1911 Harley Racer Replica $4500 as pictured

This bike is built using 29″ wheels to give the bike a taller stance like the original racers

Bike features:

  • premium leather seat
  • 79cc 4 stroke or 97cc optonal
  • choice of handlebars – handmade custom board track bars in single piece,  inverted bars OR upright bars
  • cream tires, white or solid black
  • choice of different colors or Indian gas tank logo
  • choice of factory fresh look, some wear or heavy patina
Please call to inquire. 281-570-5140 US Shipping cost $200 to your door.
vintage motorcycle replica

YES your bike can be shipped anywhere in the US via Fedex

International shipping to your closest port globally

Motorized Bike Shipping

PayPal and all Credit Cards Accepted

Financing Available thru PayPal Bill Me Later ( OAC)
All bikes are custom built using either a 2 stroke kit or a 4 stroke kit. The 2 stroke kit has a clutch lever and you pedal the bike up to speed with the clutch pulled in and release it to start the motor. The 2 stroke engine requires a gas-oil mix to run. The 4 stroke runs on plain gas. The 4 stroke motor has a rope starter and a centrifugal clutch. You just hit the gas and go. The 2 stroke bikes are cheaper due to the lower cost of the engine.

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