Something new & exciting !!

Ok, something awesome is coming !

YES, it’s beautiful. NO, I didn’t build the one in the photo but I will use this as an example.

If you want a great deal on a cool and exciting bike, please inquire now. I will offer a special price on the first units I build. You can choose from electric using 26×4″ electric hub motors with bike pedals or without pedals like the bikes pictured

Price ? $7500 plus shipping expect delivery in 90 days

Get ready for a cool bike ! Your choice, 100% electric powered or pedal assist

I fell in love with the below bike:

Killinger & Freund Motorbike

Killinger & Freund Motorbike

The bike will have 2, 48v hub motors and a 48v 20ah battery for good range

Bike will feature both a front and a rear 100w motor for power